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Services at Rise Up Counseling


Individual Counseling

Through individual counseling, we can work together to sort through your thoughts and behaviors that might be hindering you from rising up and being your best self. One-on-one counseling will provide a safe space to discuss your issues and come up with solutions to make a difference in your life. We can work with Pre-teens, Teens, and Adults. 

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a space where you can create a dialogue on specific topics with others and create a support system with people while rising up and improving yourself.

*currently no groups available

Family Counseling

In family counseling, we can safely discuss family issues and work on these conflicts together. Family counseling is good for parents and children to achieve optimal communication, boundaries and overall relationship improvement. If your child is in therapy with us, we can also provide parent consults. 

Online Counseling

During these uncertain times, online counseling provides a safe space to process any anxieties or issues that might come up. From the convenience of your own home and safe space, Online counseling allows us to continue to reach goals and rise up.

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