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Kim Masoni, MA, LPC 

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Areas of Specialty

Intuition & Self-confidence

Relationships & Communication

Anxiety & Depression

Narcissistic Abuse Patterns

Stress and Life Transitions

Trauma and Post traumatic Stress

Unwanted Thoughts $ Behaviors

When it comes to mental health therapy, I hold a holistic and multi-faceted approach. To better understand my philosophy, it helps to know a little about my professional background. Prior to becoming a licensed counselor, I trained extensively in therapeutic bodywork, Japanese acupressure, and meridian based energy therapies. This gives me a unique perspective into how the mind and body connect on multiple levels. I have worked with hundreds of clients to improve not only mental health, but a sense of the harmony between the mind, the body, and the energetic paths (meridians) that connect them. 

As a counselor, my goal is to provide a therapeutic space for you to share your concerns and to set agreed upon goals by client/counselor that promote a healthy inner life and relationships. I approach counseling with a creative person-centered, psycho-dynamic approach that allows clients to feel heard and helped. When appropriate, I also incorporate mind-body awareness and techniques to facilitate the clinical process.

Some clients have a strong sense of what they need from therapy and can articulate what has worked for them in the past. I am more than happy to facilitate healing as more of a professional coach for this type of client. Whether the need is more relational or individual, I can offer professional insight to help you overcome the obstacles that arise when moving toward our goals together. 

Others are looking for a more straightforward assessment of symptoms with the goal of alleviating specific symptoms (anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma reactions, suicidal thoughts, unwanted thoughts/behaviors, etc).  If desired, I can provide clinical assessments to assist with diagnosis. Sometimes it just helps to know what you are dealing with! My goal is never to “label” clients, but to use my professional knowledge to employ proven methods in treating mental health concerns. We will discuss which of my therapy tools might be best for you, decide on a strategy, and evaluate effectiveness along the way.

I know there will also be a large percentage of clients who are not sure what they need and may even have a difficult time verbalizing their experiences. Many times, clients feel like something is just “off” or out of alignment in relationships or emotions. I absolutely welcome this type of ambiguity! In my philosophy, there is not just one way to approach healing. If our conscious experience does not hold the clues, don’t worry—the body always speaks if we know how to listen. I am passionate about helping clients learn to connect with this wisdom and intuition that each of us hold. Life has a way of making us forget how much we know! My goal is to help you remember. 

Professional Licenses/Credentials: 

  • Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University – Virginia

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Texas

  • Certified in Intuitive Energy Healing & Massage Therapy from Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in New Mexico

  • Certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese acupressure/energy therapy)

  • Certified in Theta Healing

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